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Fan Memories

Let memories become stories and stories become content.

Case Study.


—What it is?It’s  an app where memories are stored. Memories of sporting events you saw and experienced: recording the ambient sound, the songs of the fans, video of that penalty or save, "that Selfie" before the Goal.
You’ll be able to take note of upsets, unbelievable luck, sublime skill, incredible stats, or simply leave a record of the ones who shared that special moment with you.

Clicking here you’ll discover what any fan would cherish forever

—How does it work?The Club uploads game information in real time, match date, the lineup, the jerseys, the result, and curious incidents.
Then the Fan chooses which content he wants to save to upload and share.
Songs, Selfies, Video, Anecdotes.
—Benefits?The Club gets two main benefits: Social value: Greater connection with the fans, better data about their interests, fan photography, evidence of participation and celebration, promotion and archiving of club history and culture, a longer lasting social memory of the events, etc. Monetary value: Ticket Sales and Merchandising, Advertising, Sponsors, Subscriptions through the app.

#FanEngagement?This app aims to create a closer link between fan and the club.
Every time fans attend the football stadium the bond gets stronger and more memorable.
More than an app, the Fan Memories is a CONCEPT applicable to any event.

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“El Color de las Carreras”__Case of Study
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